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  • What is Occupational Therapy? 
  • How is an Occupational Therapist trained? 
  • Who pays for services? 
  • Where does therapy take place?
  • What kind of activities does an OT perform? 
  • How Do I Get Started? 

A:Occupational therapy is an allied health profession, working under a medical doctor's orders,  in which the therapist is educated to improve a person's occupational performance. A pediatric occupational therapist works with the child and family to improve a child's play, education, or self-care skills, including adaptive equipment and splinting. An occupational therapist will evaluate the child's gross motor, fine motor, sensory integration, visual perceptual and self-care care skills. If the child and family would benefit from occupational therapy, the occupational therapist will recommend treatment and will utilize their knowledge of sensory integration, anatomy, neurology, kinesiology, child development, occupational therapy frames of reference, medical diagnosis and current research to improve the child's occupational performance. Therapy is then provided for the child through their occupation of play.

A: An Occupational Therapist has to have at least a Bachelors Degree in OT from an accredited college. Many OTs have their Master's Degree or PhD in OT. They have to pass the National Certification Exam to be a registered OT. Different states have different laws about being licensed but all must be registered, to use OTR. A COTA, a certified occupational therapy assistant requires a two year associates degree and must work under an OTR at all times.

A: At Prainito Pediatric Therapy, we accept most private insurances, Medicaid, Peachcare for Kids, Amerigroup, Peachstate, Private Pay. Payment plans are available for private pay clients.

 A: All therapy takes place in the child's natural environment, that being home, daycare, preschool or private school setting.

A: All therapy is performed through various mediums of play. Most toys will be familiar to parents but with a therapeutic twist.
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Q:  How Do I Get Started?
A: First call the office and give general information (have ready your insurance information and pediatrician's information). Once an appointment is made for an evaluation, you will be required to fill out paper work (located on the getting started page, that you can download and have ready for when the therapist arrives for the evaluation) and have a copy of the front and back of your insurance card. If a co-pay is required, it will need to be paid at the time of visit. The office will acquire the needed prescription from your doctor and any needed authorization from your insurance.