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Opening Day of EKA SOCCER
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Special Needs Athletics in Georgia

In Memory of Lisa Donatelli Fochtman

Exceptional Kids Athletics Incis announcing the start of a special needs athletic program in Georgia.  Our programs are specifically designed to meet the needs of children aged 4-21 with physical and/or mental disabilities. The programs are geared toward player development rather than competition.

If you have a special needs child, ages 4-21 years old with any type of disability who you would like to:

Develop a sense of belonging                            Be exposed to a variety of sports                                                        

Be part of a team                                        Work on improving social skills                                                     

Work on improving self-esteem                         Work on improving fitness level and skills





The staff consists of Soccer Coaches (former soccer professionals, current soccer coaches, and other types of coaches) who will teach your child about soccer. There will be adult volunteers who either work specifically with the special needs population (OT, PT, ST, Special Education Teachers and Paraprofessionals, or other parents of special need children) or who will be trained on how to interact with your child’s disability. You will be able to sit in the stands and enjoy the game. Your child will also be assigned a soccer “buddy” if requested by the parent or at the discretion of the special needs staff.  This will be a student volunteer whose only job will be to work with your child on the field under the direction of the Coaching Staff and the Special Education staff, again so that you can enjoy the game.

Fees generally range $50-$75 depending on sport, and will include: registration fee, jersey and ball. Fees go towards insurance, all background checks (Board, Coaches, and Adult volunteers as part of our Risk Management KidSafe Program), field rental, insurance, and more. The fee for the spring soccer program is $65 for the season.

Aimee Prainito, MA, OTR, CEO             

Jonn Warde, President        

Daniel Dodson, Vice President

Serrah Dodson, Secretary and Volunteer Coordinator    



We are also currently seeking EKA Sponsors, volunteers and buddies. Please contact any board member above for assistance.


If you are interested or need more information, please fill out the form below and please see our website Exceptional Kids Athletics Inc


 Please see more information on Volunteering below the form box.

 For Volunteering Please fill out and return the following forms:




Coach Application

Coaches Code of Conduct

Coaching Manual Acknowledgment this manual can be found on under Coaches



Adult Volunteers (18 and older):


Adult Volunteer General Information

Adult Volunteer Application

Adult Volunteer Code of Conduct

Adult Volunteer Manual Acknowledgment this manual can be found on under Adult Volunteers

Adult Volunteer Package with Risk Management



Buddy Volunteers (ages 8-18)


Buddy Volunteer General Information

Buddy Volunteer Application

Buddy Code of Conduct

Buddy Manual Acknowledgment this manual can be found on under Buddy Volunteers

Buddy Complete Application Package


All adults over the age of 18 years must complete and pass a Background check that is paid for by EKA:


Policy on Background Checks for Risk Management

Risk Managment Mission Statement

Risk Management Privacy Statement

Volunteer Disclosure Statement for Background Checks

Instructions on Risk Management and Background Checks